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Deep Value Driller


Deep Value Drillers mission is to create value for our customers and investors through the safe and sustainable operations of our modern 7 generation drilling rig with minimal impact to the environment.
  • Unique distressed opportunity
  • Best in class drillship
  • Perfect price & timing
  • Attractive upside potential


Our fleet consist of Deep Value Driller, a modern high spec. 7th generation Drillship, built in 2014

  • Among the most capable 7G drillships
  • Key features include dual activity, two 7 RAM BOPs, large deck space and 165ton subsea crane
  • Very well maintained while being stacked (previous owner have spent ~USD 70k/day in stacking cost)
  • Limited reactivation cost required

Specs. Download Specs.

  • Design GustoMSC P10,000
  • Rig water depth (ft) 10,000
  • Drilling depth (ft) 40,000
  • Dual activity Yes
  • Rig status Warm stacked
  • Build cost (USD) 750,000,000
  • Build yard Hyundai Heavy Industries
  • Delivery date 21 feb 2014
  • Number of BOP stacks Dual 7 RAM BOP Stack Equipped
  • Max hook load (lbs) 2,500,000
  • Quarters capacity 210


  • ISIN NO0010955917
  • Ticker DVD
  • Company number 926410652
  • Security type Stock
  • CFI code ESVUFR
  • Total number of shares 86,30 mill.
  • Face value 0,10
  • Share capital 8,63 mill.
  • Voting right J
  • Ownership restrictions N

Other investor

  • Auditor Ernst & Young
  • 100% Equity financed


  • Name Number of shares Stake
  • Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC 8,426,800 9.76454
  • UTHALDEN AS 6,080,000 7.04519
  • SOLAN CAPITAL AS 5,500,000 6.37312
  • PORTIA AS 3,000,000 3.47625
  • TVENGE 2,500,000 2.89687
  • INAK 3 AS 2,500,000 2.89687
  • CAMACA AS 2,100,000 2.43337
  • CLEARSTREAM BANKING S.A. 2,049,000 2.37428
  • Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V. 1,981,000 2.29548
  • FORTE NORGE 1,600,000 1.85400
  • BORG CAPITAL PARTNERS AS 1,500,000 1.73812
  • AS CLIPPER 1,500,000 1.73812
  • CIPRIANO AS 1,500,000 1.73812
  • ALDEN AS 1,500,000 1.73812
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., London 1,500,000 1.73812
  • DnB NOR Bank ASA 1,500,000 1.73812
  • FORTE TRØNDER 1,400,000 1.62225
  • MELESIO INVEST AS 1,200,000 1.39050
  • HØGSET HOLDING AS 1,200,000 1.39050
  • KRISTIANRO AS 1,200,000 1.39050
  • UBON PARTNERS AS 1,193,601 1.38308
  • TTC INVEST AS 1,000,000 1.15875
  • A HOLDINGS AS 1,000,000 1.15875
  • HUSHOVD 1,000,000 1.15875
  • FOUGNER INVEST AS 1,000,000 1.15875
  • TIGERSTADEN AS 1,000,000 1.15875
  • ULSMO FINANS AS 750,000 0.86906
  • T KOLSTAD EIENDOM AS 727,341 0.84281
  • BELVEDERE AS 700,000 0.81112
  • SURFSIDE HOLDING AS 659,227 0.76388
  • SILJAN INDUSTRIER AS 600,000 0.69525
  • AASEN 600,000 0.69525
  • OLA RUSTAD AS 550,000 0.63731
  • MUSTANG CAPITAL AS 545,508 0.63211
  • SCAN CHEMICALS AS 525,000 0.60834
  • STAVANGER FORVALTNING AS 500,000 0.57937
  • PIMA AS 500,000 0.57937
  • KRÅKEFJELLET AS 500,000 0.57937
  • SØRLUND 500,000 0.57937
  • IVERSEN 500,000 0.57937
  • GLAAMENE INDUSTRIER AS 500,000 0.57937
  • Fender Eiendom AS 470,100 0.54473
  • The Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV 462,836 0.53631
  • PESCARA INVEST AS 418,240 0.48463
  • DELTA INVEST AS 390,000 0.45191
  • AS FINANSPLAN 374,576 0.43404
  • APOLLO ASSET LIMITED 369,819 0.42853
  • CATILINA INVEST AS 350,000 0.40556
  • Total 86,300,000
Last update: 22 July 2021



Svend Anton Maier CEO

More than 20 years’ experience from international Executive Management positions in Publicly Listed Companies, including CEO at Borr Drilling and several executive operational roles at Transocean and Seadrill

Experience includes senior positions in key energy locations, including US, UK, Middle East, West Africa, Far East, South America, Russia and Northern Europe

Proven experience with company development and projects

Has served on Board of Directors of companies in the offshore and energy Sector, including Prosafe , Sevan Drilling, Sapura, Atlantica Drilling

Board of Directors

Einar J. Greve Chair

Works as a strategic advisor in Cipriano AS

Previously worked as partner of Wikborg Rein & Co for 15 years and as partner of Arctic Securities ASA

Has held and holds various positions as board member and chairman in Norwegian and international listed and unlisted companies

Holds a degree in law ( cand.jur ) form the University of Oslo

Espen Western

18 years buy side experience predominantly from London

Held several senior portfolio management positions at various hedge funds and family offices

Held various positions as board member in Norwegian and internationally listed and unlisted companies

MPhil Economics degree from the University of Cambridge

Gunnar Hvammen

Works as an active owner/founder through his different companies organized under the holding company Lauvheim Holding AS within the oil service, real estate business and technology

Previously worked for Fondsfinans and Normarine Offshore Consultants (today Pareto Offshore)

Held various positions as board member in Norwegian and internationally listed and unlisted companies

Held and holds various positions as board member/chairman in Norwegian unlisted companies previously also listed companies, and went to BI Norwegian Business School


  • 04.05 2021

    Deep Value Driller accepted for trading on Euronext Growth

    The attached information document has been prepared by Deep Value Driller AS (the "Company") solely for use in connection with the admission to trading of the Company's shares on Euronext Growth Oslo. The first day of trading in the Company's shares will be 5 May 2021.

    DNB Markets, a part of DNB Bank ASA and Fearnley Securities AS have acted as Euronext Growth Advisors. Wikborg Rein Advokatfirma AS has acted as legal counsel to the Company in connection with the admission to trading of its shares on Euronext Growth Oslo.

    Deep Value Driller Information Document

  • 07.04 2021

    Deep Value Driller AS – Notification of trade by CEO

    Svend Anton Maier, CEO of Deep Value Driller AS, has on 6 April 2021 purchased 200,000 shares at a price per share of NOK 8.00. Following the transaction Svend Anton Maier holds 200,000 shares and, through his wholly owned company Tarraco AS, 900,000 warrants in the company.

  • 24.03 2021

    Deep Value Driller AS – Successful completion of the acquisition of Bolette Dolphin

    Reference is made to Deep Value Driller AS' (the "Company") announcement of 17 March 2021 regarding the Company's agreement for the acquisition the 7th generation drillship "Bolette Dolphin" for a purchase price of USD 65 million (the "Acquisition") from Bolette Fleetco Ltd.

    The Acquisition has now been completed on the scheduled delivery date and the purchase price has been settled with the seller. Further, the Company has as planned acquired the operating and maintenance systems for "Bolette Dolphin" from Dolphin Drilling Ltd. for a total fee of USD 3.5 million.

    Svend Anton Maier, CEO of the Company, comments: "We are very pleased to complete the acquisition of this best in-class high end drillship on time and schedule. We look forward to initiate next phase to pursue the opportunities in the market and cooperate with suppliers to ensure a cost effective and timely reactivation of Bolette Dolphin."

Company Presentation Download PDF

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